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Biosecurity (National American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan) Order 1998

Biosecurity Act

Biosecurity (American Foulbrood—Beekeeper Levy) Order 2003

Operational Plan

Report on the American Foulbrood National Pest Management Strategy MAF Biosecurity New Zealand Discussion Paper No: 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the PMP being reviewed?
    It is a legal requirement, if the PMP is to continue.

  2. Why is NZ Beekeeping Inc undertaking its review and proposal for change?
    NZ Beekeeping Inc would have preferred to be part of a beekeeper wide review team, however Apiculture NZ have opted to conduct their own process to provide a proposal for change to the Minister. It has become apparent Apiculture NZ have not supported some of our suggestions for change therefore NZBI have decided to progress our own proposal for change and to present that to the Minister at the appropriate time

  3. What is being reviewed?
    The regulations behind the PMP – the ‘AFB Order in Council’

  4. Who is paying for the PMP Review?
    Apiculture NZ are using Levy payers’ money to conduct their review and NZ Beekeeping are funding their proposal process.

  5. What is a Pest Management Plan (PMP)?
    A PMP is provided by the Biosecurity Act for the control and/or eradication of pests.

  6. How did AFB PMP come into place?
    The beekeeping industry supported the retention of disease control (AFB) of the Apiaries Act 1969 by proposing an industry led PMP under the Biosecurity Act in 1998.

  7. How long are PMP’s valid?
    The term is for 10 years with a provision to extend for a further 10 years.

  8. When does the AFB PMP terminate?
    1st April 2023.

  9. What is not being reviewed within this process?
    The Biosecurity Act or the Operations Plan.

  10. What is the process once the Minister receives a proposal?
    NZ Beekeeping are now in dialogue with MPI on the process.

  11. What happens if the review process is not completed by the time the PMP expires?
    There is provision in the Act for the PMP to continue until the review process is complete.

  12. What do Levy Payers need to consider?
    Levy payers need to participate in the discussion and submit to the proposals as provided.

  13. What opportunities do levy payers have to comment?
    NZ Beekeeping Inc do have provision within their review and proposal process to consider all views of levy payers that they may make, by emailing our organisation,
    phoning 027 217 6897 or on our website

  14. Can levy payers make a difference?
    The process is not a vote or a poll of support by beekeepers. Rather it is a consideration of proposed changes to the Order that have been formulated to overcome difficulties that have become apparent in implementing the regulations over the past 10 years. If beekeepers are concerned any aspect related to the regulations contained in the Order, now is the time to express your views to an organisation that has nothing to protect except the integrity of the PMP itself.

  15. If you have a question please ask, write to: